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I have over 40 years of experience in the hospitality industry. After graduating from a three year course at catering college in my native Italy, I had the opportunity to work on a big Cruise Liner visiting various parts of the globe. In my years at sea, I was a first class dining-room Steward and was soon promoted to Head Steward and allocated to serve the Captain's Table. I learned the importance of a well laid table and, to break away from day to day routine, I developed different napkin designs for each day of the week. I also learned the techniques of setting up lavish buffets, sumptuous table preparation for special occasions and a variety of other of services pertaining to the restaurant and top deck services.

Back on Terra Firma, my expertise led me to positions as Head Waiter, Wine Waiter, Restaurant Manager, Banqueting Manager and finally to Hospitality Manager — all this in various hotels and restaurants, as well as in prestigious banqueting houses. Fine dining and banqueting has always been my specialist area of operations. It was not a coincidence therefore that in my later years, eager to pass on to others the skills, knowledge and expertise gained during my long career, I took a position of part-time lecturer and teacher of Food & Beverage Services at a North London Catering College. I am a strong believer that the students of today, with hard work and determination, will in time became the captains of the hospitality industry of tomorrow.

I have been a long-standing advocate of promoting quality and originality in the “Front of House Operation” in the industry, by encouraging creativity and exploring new talents within one's workplace. I put great emphasis on In-House training, Customer Care and improving Quality Standards.

For many years, I have been an active fellow member of the Catering Managers' Association of Great Britain and the Channel Islands. Under the auspices of this association, Table Digest recognizes that there are individuals within the industry whose talents and creativity go undiscovered and unrecognised. Often with little or no academic qualification they never the less offer a valuable contribution and expertise to the whole industry.

Over the years, my repertoire and expertise in this field has led me to publish a book on Napkin Folding and a DVD on the same subject. In addition, I started to demonstrate my skills and talents at major Hospitality Exhibitions in the United Kingdom and abroad with workshops and lectures. This I continue to do today. It is something that gives me great gratification and tremendous satisfaction. If you are interested, please contact me and I will be delighted to accommodate you.

This Table Digest website is my way of giving something back to the world of Leisure and Hospitality as appreciation for the satisfaction I have derived from being part of such a versatile industry.

Luigi Spotorno FCMA

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