There is very little difference between Home entertaining and Hospitality entertaining. They both share the same principle and values but Home entertaining is on a smaller scale where you can use your own resources and abilities. You need to be resourceful in the kitchen as well as in the dining room.

As the Host, a great deal depends on you for the success for whatever form of entertaining you wish to undertake. Your knowledge of cooking and dining table preparation, together with your skills of improvisation and the help from this web site are the recipe you need for successful home entertaining. The ambience you have created will undoubtedly send a warm message that says, “Welcome to my home and share the meal I have prepared for you.”

This web site is intended to be the extra pair of hands you need to achieve your objective. Tricks of the trade, hints and suggestions, as well as cost-effective shortcuts are only a small part of the wealth of experience that I will freely share with you.

In whatever you do, it is always the first impression that counts.