The internet gives us an array of definitions and applications where the word “Hospitality” is applied. This can be best described with one sentence we often use: “Thank you for your hospitality”.

It is the pleasure of inviting or being invited by someone. The two words “Hospitality” and “Entertaining” together define enterprises that that give us gratification and satisfaction as well as revenue and employment.

This could be anything from a snack at a fast food outlet to a meal at a top restaurant, from a drink in a pub to a wedding reception or a cocktail party. A small B&B and a Luxury Hotel both provide an essential service to the public. In fact, wherever food or services are involved (directly or indirectly), the combination of people and venues for whatever purpose can be classified as Hospitality Entertaining.

Corporate Entertaining
This is an extension of Hospitality Entertaining but with a more defined purpose and value. Any organisation that provides entertaining as an incentive for business purposes is covered in the sphere of Hospitality Entertaining.
Contract Catering
Companies that provide Corporate Entertaining for an organisation and its clients are termed “Contract Caterers”, providing food and services within the client’s establishment or contracted on behalf of a client.

The Hospitality Entertaining Industry as a whole provides substantial benefits to the economy of a country.