A Practical Guide to Table Settings for All Occasions

Table Digest amalgamates every topic relating to Front of House, whether it is in a catering establishment or a dining room in one's home. The term “Front of House” derives from the theatre where it refers to the areas open to the public — typically the foyer and auditorium — as opposed to the stage and backstage areas. In the hospitality and leisure industry it similarly refers to the reception and dining areas rather than the kitchen and food preparation areas. Although the kitchen is an important part of any restaurant, as this is where great dishes are prepared, the Front of House area is given equal importance as it plays a huge part in the complete entertaining experience.


There is never a shortage of written material and media coverage on food topics. Indeed, much is written about the preparation and qualities of good food. However, there is little information on Front of House preparation and table dressing. There are no step by step instructions and what little is available is often scattered and frequently taken for granted as if it were common knowledge.

Making a real impression with a well dressed dining table during a special occasion is, in the opinion of Table Digest, just as important as the food served. Therefore, it deserves equal attention and prominence by the press and media or, at least, to be integrated in a small way as part of their editorials. Both play an equal part in the overall concept of entertaining.

The way you grace your table says a great deal about you as the host. Done well, it sends a warm message of “Welcome” to your customers or guests as they enter the restaurant or dining-room. Undoubtedly, the food you prepared so carefully will be appreciated all the more. Good table dressing adds a touch of class and distinction to any special occasion.

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Good food and a perfectly laid table complement each other admirably.