Preparing your Party’s Tone by Using Table Linens


Thoughtful use of table linens for your party or special occasion will give the finishing touch. Table linens include not only tablecloths but napkins, placemats, chair covers and/or table skirting. The feel of any gathering, whether it be formal or casual, can be set by using table linens. It is not just the food you serve, but the linens you choose, that are the greatest way to let your friends and family know what kind of mood the dining should be. Due to this, you need to make sure you pick the best table linens for the occasion.

When planning to keep your dining casual, consider choosing table linens made of 100% basic polyester material. Since you most likely will be using the linens over again, it is important that you be able to care for them easily in the home. 100% basic polyester material is just that. It is a permanent pressed, soil release cloth that is easy to care for, retains its color and does not shrink. Keep in mind, there are different kinds of linens that call for particular treatment such as dry cleaning, so you may want to avoid these for your casual dining. You do not wish for your guests to think they must use extra precaution due to the fact that they are worried they will destroy your linens during a casual dinner.

When it comes to a formal dinner party or special occasion, the best table linens to pick from are the luxurious materials such as crinkle, sparkle organza, satin or pin tuck. Every one of these cloths can be found in a variety of different colours making it easy to match them to your existing décor. Still, if your dinner party or special occasion is occurring away from the home and is more of a “one time event”, look at the option of renting linens like tissue lame, iridescent crush, polyester or matte satin. Guests who attend an event where a combination of table cloths, table napkins, placemats, chair covers and/or table skirting is used will feel special and welcome.

Table linens determine the mood of a party or special occasion based on which fabrics and patterns you use. A host/hostess today is really limited by only his/her imagination. Consider all the hard work you put into preparing a special gathering and don’t allow a failure to match linens make your party look incomplete.